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Solina, a leading European provider for the savoury food industry, approached Hive to look at a new multilingual website brief. Solina Group required a bespoke multilingual website for their Apollo Food brand, which operates across a number of European countries.

Hive successfully won the pitch for the new website after presenting a comprehensive proposal. Hive’s chosen design boasts a fresh and modern look with effortless navigation. The design features the brand’s logo, imagery and stylised text, which is perfectly in line with the Apollo brand guidelines. The new design also aims to provide synergy with the other companies within the Solina group.

The focus of the brief was to create a multilingual website which would bring operations in each country together. It also needed to provide an option to easily switch between each country/language version. For the initial launch 6 versions were required, namely France, Romania, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and a basic UK site.

A central landing page featuring the flags from each country was created. This acts as a central hub, linking off to each version of the site. Each version not only offers a translation, but also provides scope for targeted content for each audience. In other words, content on each site is bespoke and tailored for that country. For example suitable products, appropriate cuisine, recipes and relevant news. It is important to realise that having localised messaging, and customized content is key to unlocking better engagement from local audiences.

Each country can easily manage and update all the content across their specific site. Although each site is different, consistent branding, design and layout is maintained across all the Apollo sites. This ensures a strong and recognisable brand identity no matter which language version of the site is being viewed. Therefore providing a consistent user experience.

The language switching drop-down is placed prominently, site wide in the header. This of course, makes sure switching to the most relevant country or language is easy for visitors.

The new multilingual website has succeeded in enhancing Apollo’s global credentials. Furthermore, it provides them with a professional foundation in each country that they operate in. In addition the site is packed with engaging content, specific to each audience in their own language.

Why not take a look at the finished site here?

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Multilingual Website for Apollo Food Multilingual Website for Apollo Food