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BBC Songs of Praise

logo & intro graphics

To celebrate the Songs of Praise 50th anniversary, the BBC commissioned a new logo and identity to be designed. After winning a competitive pitch, we created a logo which subtly reflects the music as well as the worship elements of this long running programme.

The project

The core elements of the logo included the Icthus symbol. This symbol┬átranslates into English as “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour”. This symbol is drawn out by the ribbon extending from the text whilst underlining the word Praise.

The circle is used as a holding device for the logo, the circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. In the logo the symbol represents the notions of wholeness, original perfection and the infinite. As well as God (‘God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere’ Hermes Trismegistus).

We also wanted to incorporate the feeling of light and colour. This radiates out from the circle surrounding the logo. In theology, light is a symbol of divine presence whilst also relating to God, angels, or even human beings expressing themselves through spiritual means.

The musical element of the show, is represented through the use of musical notes and piano keys which appear around the logo in the show ident.

We also designed and produced storyboards for the stings, straps and end frame graphics used on the show.

In addition to this we also designed a number of complimentary logos for the BBC. Including Gospel Choir of the Year, School Choir of the Year, The Big Sing as well as a special 50th Anniversary Songs of Praise logo.

We also designed and produced marketing materials for the show including banners, music drops and book covers for the launch of the new brand.

The producers of the show were blown away with the creative produced and everyone involved was extremely pleased with the end result.

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logo design, intro graphics, name straps, stings and end frame sequence

Songs of Praise logo and ident