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Riso Gallo UK & Essential Cuisine

Hive have a long history of producing exceptional photography. There isn’t a lot we haven’t photographed, from carpet tiles or burgers to cars and machinery! All of which we have used across a wide variety of media, including packaging, advertising and much more. 

Food photography shoot

Our latest photography shoot was for a partnership between Riso Gallo UK and Essential Cuisine – both renowned for the high quality of the ingredients they produce. Essential Cuisine commissioned Hive for the food photography shoot following several successful photoshoots for the client. As a part of their branding strategy, they wanted to create a series of high-quality food photography to use on their website, social media, and print materials. Essential Cuisine’s team of UK chefs partnered with Italian colleagues for the shoot, which took place over two days. 

The shoot

The project took place in Essential Cuisine’s state-of-the-art innovation kitchen. During the photoshoot, Hive captured an exceptional array of images. The focus was capturing a variety of pictures of each dish created. Our team worked closely with the clients to ensure that each photo captured the essence of their brand. We styled each dish carefully, ensuring it looked delicious and visually appealing. In addition, Hive also covered packaging photography, preparation, cooking and team shots. 

The result

The final product was a series of high-quality food photographs that exceeded our client’s expectations. Both clients were delighted with the exceptional quality and volume of imagery that Hive captured – notably how the stunning food photography successfully showcased the key ingredients. Creating a varied image collection allowed the client creative freedom when selecting imagery for different projects. The client has already used the images across their website, recipe books and marketing materials. Overall, this food photography shoot was a great success, and our team is proud to have played a role in helping our client achieve their goals. Take a look at a small sample of the photos captured below.

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Example food photography shots by Hive Manchester Ltd