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Explainer Video

For Signature Product Range

To relaunch the revamped Signature sauce range Hive were tasked with creating an Explainer Video. The aim of the video was to communicate the key USP’s of the product range as well as improvements in the revamp. The video was targeted at both new and existing customers.

The ready-to-use sauce range is designed to save chefs time and resources without compromising on quality or taste. Aimed at chefs, the video featured a variety of dishes being prepared using the products by professional chefs. We successfully packed in 12 delicious dishes to the short Explainer Video. This really showcased both the versatility of the products and ease of use.

The footage was combined with a VO and onscreen graphics to highlight each key message as the video progresses. With a section of the film, dedicated to each of the four products in the range. The VO was reviewed by professional chefs to confirm the terminology used. In other words, to ensure we were ‘talking their language’. Throughout the film, the on screen text was then carefully timed with the VO to emphasise key points. During the film we also featured tips from each chef to add a personal touch.

A key USP was the way the products are prepared to create just the right flavour. Therefore the film was created with the three defined stages in mind. Firstly with the preparation of high quality ingredients, secondly the use of superior cooking methods and finally to the great tasting end product. This formed the strapline for the film ‘Quality ingredients, improved methods, sublime tastes’.

The end result in short, was an upbeat and informative video which clearly communicated the key messages and delivered a lasting impression.

Hive also carried out a food photography shoot to support the relaunch.

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