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Exhibition Wall Graphics

Scarborough Museums Trust

Hive tendered for the design of this exhibition wall graphics project. We won with our creative and imaginative design for the exhibition space. Our idea mainly featuring wall graphics to certainly create an immersive environment.

This exhibition was the culmination of a three-year project for Scarborough Museum and Art Gallery. The exhibition was part of the ‘Precious Cargos, Stories of the World’. This was a London 2012 Cultural Olympiad project.

The exhibition featured a large collection of charms as well as amulets. These were assembled in the early part of the 20th century by a Scarborough naturalist.

The exhibition ran for 6 months. The longest exhibition the gallery had ever run!

Hive were involved in the concept and design of the project in its entirety. We created the exhibition logo all the way through to the content displayed. We produced wall graphic design and even display cabinet build… we were involved throughout it all!

Designing a compelling museum experience certainly requires an understanding of what museum visitors today expect visually.

A great museum experience can teach us, inspire us and certainly delight us.

Our proposal for the Fears, Foes & Faeries exhibition addressed how we could create a dramatic and engaging exhibition whilst keeping it accessible! We explained how technology could be implemented to enhance the experience, but not detract from it.

The 5 themes for the exhibition wall graphics were; Safety at Sea, Birds and Beasts, Health as well as Faeries and Witchcraft. A distinct theme for each room!

Hive also built some bespoke traditional cabinets to house the small charms and amulets. We installed these at a height which would enable visitors to see easily. Along with more traditional display cases too.

Three interactive display units were sourced. The units featured interactive games which were developed with students from the University at Hull. They were then brought to life by the developers at Hive!

Hive created all marketing materials for the exhibition too, which included out of home advertising, press and also the design for the exhibition guide.

The exhibition wall graphics were certainly a success!

If you would like to find out more about our exhibition design please contact us.

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Exhibition Wall Graphics for Scarborough Museum Trust Exhibition Wall Graphics for Scarborough Museum Trust Exhibition Wall Graphics for Scarborough Museum Trust