Hive Manchester


In such a loud world, how can your brand stand out from the crowd? Our team of talented creatives will work with you to break through the noise, distilling your brand’s message into its most effective form.

Here at Hive, we offer a range of services rooted in brand development, including:

Graphic design

Business cards 

User experience-driven web design

Exhibition stands 

Brand strategy

Social media managing

Logo design

Redesigns & rebranding

… and much more.

It’s about maximising your potential

We work meticulously with our clients to communicate their brand and maximise their potential through original design. Our in-house team of creatives combine 50+ years of industry experience proving brands with long-lasting, powerful branding. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about us:

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Our expertise transcends through all forms of media. 

Today, consumers expect a deeper relationship between themselves and the brand they are buying into. The consumer-business interaction is not solely monetary, but customers want to and expect to see a cross-platform brand. We believe that consistency through these platforms is a necessity.


Your brand is who you and your company are. If your current branding is outdated or is unable to convey your message, you will be unable to garner attention from potential customers and loyalty from existing ones. Re-branding can seem like a daunting task but our job is to help you develop a cohesive strategy in the most user-friendly way possible.

Whether you require subtle changes to fonts, colours, and imagery, or an entirely new breath of life, we have the experience and perspective to develop your brand into all walks of life.