Dickie Bow & Diamond charity ball

An evening with Start in Salford

We at Hive will be adorning our choicest finery and slipping on our dancing shoes tonight for a charity knees-up in honour of our chums, Start in Salford.

Start in Salford is a local charity helping people who have, or are at risk of experiencing, mental health problems and social exclusion. Start’s aim is to help the community of Salford achieve emotional well-being. The charity help recovery through creative and arts-based activities as well as training opportunities.

Just shy of 20 years in the making, Start came to life as the brainchild of Bernadette Conlon. Bernadette is a Salford resident who started out by delivering workshops from the boot of her car.  These days, the charity operates from a dedicated centre in the heart of Salford. The centre is kept alive by a key team of support workers as well as dedicated volunteers. Start continues to provide an invaluable service to it’s hundred of members.

As a creative bunch ourselves, we hold the work that Start do close to our hearts. We have worked closely with the team on a number of projects over the past couple of years. We are, as a result, certainly overwhelmed by the incredibly worthwhile job that Start do for a demographic of people who are truly deserving.

For more information or to contact the charity, visit www.startinsalford.org.uk.

Dickie Bow & Diamond charity ball