Photographing the Iconic MediaCityUK by Night

Hive’s in-house photographer describes capturing just the right images of MediaCityUK at night for our new website.

There’s something magical about MediaCityUK after dusk. When the lights come on, the iconic buildings that are home to the BBC, ITV, IWMN and The Lowry, now has Hive Manchester firmly housed amongst them all. I was given the job to provide a set of images for the ‘new look’ website for Hive. There was no doubt that MediaCityUK at night would be awesome. It’s probably now one of the most photographed areas in Salford and it’s understandable why.

The process

So after waiting for the right day, given the ever changing weather we have recently had, I was constantly looking out for a clear day. Especially when the weather would be calm. All I wanted was a clear sky partnered with still water. Not too much to ask for. A simple set up is what I took along with me. One Nikon camera, one wide angle lens (great for architecture) and my sturdy Manfotto tripod. No fancy gear. The images would be only as good as the subject and with MediaCityUK at night, you can’t go wrong.

I wasn’t the only one out taking photos. I think numerous other photographers had the same thing in mind. It’s almost like we are all waiting for the perfect time to take our photos.

I aimed to get as many different angles which would show Hive at home. As they are located now in the Digital World building. The building was the main feature but I also wanted to show the surrounding area for a sense of location.

As with all images I photograph, when you feel like you’ve taken so many great images, selecting the final chosen images is always hard. Leaving that to the amazing design team at Hive certainly takes away some of that pressure.

So, my only issue is, now I’ve taken some fresh images of MediaCityUK, when should I do it again? This place changes so often and there’s so much going on. I’m sure it won’t be long. So, if you’ve got a camera and a tripod, go for it. Get out there and get some images taken!

MediaCityUK photographed by Hive's in-house photographer beding edited