Fears, Foes & Faeries exhibition space including wall graphics and touchscreen interactive unit

Manchester Creative Agency Cast a Spell over Scarborough

Visitors of Scarborough Museum will be left spellbound by MediaCityUK-based advertising agency, Hive Manchester, following the launch of the museum’s new Fears, Foes and Faeries exhibition.  Hive won the opportunity to design the weird and wonderful exhibition space after enchanting the curators at Scarborough with their inspired designs.

Fears, Foes & Faeries opened its doors to the public on Friday 23rd March, and is the culmination of a three-year project as part of ‘Precious Cargos, Stories of the World’, one of the key projects of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.  The exhibition features part of a large collection of charms and amulets assembled in the early part of the 20th century by Scarborough naturalist, collector and amateur folklorist, William James Clarke.

Hive Manchester have been involved in the conceptualisation and design of this project in its entirety, from the exhibition logo to the display graphics and cabinets.  Their final design features full-height wall graphics, which create an immersive environment and provide an impressive backdrop to Scarborough’s fascinating collection, as well as a range of interactive display units designed to enhance the learning experience.

Karen Snowden, Head of Collections at Scarborough Museums Trust, said, “My experience of working with Hive was extremely easy; they are creative but very efficient, and were more than capable of maximising on budget without compromising on quality.  Most importantly, they provided practical solutions to any concerns, whilst still delivering the impact that we wanted.”

Hive Manchester is based at the Pie Factory, MediaCityUK, and was founded in 2006 by Creative Director Edwin Jones, who said of the agency’s collaboration with Scarborough, “it has been wonderful for us to get involved in such an fascinating project.  Designing this exhibition space was unlike anything that Hive have taken on before, but has been fantastic in terms of the creative license it allowed us, and the experience that we have gained as an agency.  Knowing that the client and everyone that we worked with are so happy with what we have achieved, and so appreciative of all our hard work is really pleasing.”

Photography by Tony Bartholomew

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