Simoniz Protection range

Making Britain Shine – Mini Case Study

Holt Lloyd International

New Range of Simoniz Car Care Products

A brand new range under an existing brand, which needed to stand-out in a saturated market and target a very specific audience.

Concept for the Simoniz Protection Range. This simple clean design won hands down in the consumer research groups. The shield symbol, synonymous with protection, says it all.

Support for the product launch:
To support the launch we created a microsite, with a prize draw to WIN The Ultimate Driving Experience! If its before the 31st August 2011, you can still enter, by visiting the website for more details:

The range and site was promoted through a series of ads in the motoring and national press over a 5 month period as well as a direct mail postcard.

Find out more about the project here or take a look at our Advertising section to see more of our work.

Simoniz Protection range

Simoniz Protection minisite