Simoniz Car Shampoo Tabs packaging and product stand

Just Chuck it in a Bucket – Mini Case Study

To be innovative in a saturated market to gain standout and brand leadership.

Development of a new product within car care – we’re proud to say we came up with the idea, the strap line, designed the packaging, then produced the TV from start to finish. Job done. (And the client is very pleased too).

Once the initial NPD idea had been developed by the client we then had the challenge of incorporating the new product into a family range of over 52 products and to give it an identity all of it’s own. So we came up with a memorable and catchy line to sum up the product – “Just chuck it in a bucket!”.

Client quote
“Hive won the TV by having a brilliant concept, and they have followed that through in producing an effective yet stunningly simple commercial. A combination of the packaging design and the TV helped us to sell out of the product within the first week.”
Marketing Manager, Holt Lloyd International Limited

Making the new format tab the star of the commercial we believe we achieved an upbeat, simple yet memorable TV ad that hopefully got everyone in the mood to “just chuck it in a bucket!”.

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