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What is good branding and how should you protect it?

What is branding, why is it so crucial, and what makes an excellent brand? In this article we have put together a comprehensive guide about the importance of good branding and how to protect it.

so what is branding and why is it important?

Understanding good branding begins with defining what branding is.

In basic terms, branding is the process of creating an easy-to-understand and recognisable identity for a product or organisation.

However its more than just a logo. Your brand identity is your organisations personality. From the style of your photography to the tone of voice you use, they are all part of your branding. Bringing together everything you do and stand for lies at the heart of good branding.

For you and your business, branding has the potential to be one of your most valuable assets. It is crucial to your business’s success that your brand stands out and communicates what makes it unique. Having a professional image is vital for attracting consumers to your brand.

Good branding can successfully help to communicate your unique selling point clearly to your target audience. It should reflect everything you want your brand to be.

We have broken down each aspect of creating a brand further to explore the importance of good branding.

so what makes a good logo and how does it enhance good branding?

The strength of your branding lies in how it identifies you. Your brand should be representative of you and your strengths. The logo and strap-line need to reflect these unique qualities. This should be partnered with a recognisable house style and colours to create synergy across the brand.

Firstly, it should be functional and clear what the logo is. For example, an old sketch which has been photocopied and scanned so many times it is hardly recognisable is not creating the right image for your business.

Secondly, text should be legible and clear in a variety of sizes and across all mediums, with a good contrast with any background colours.

Take a look at the example below of a logo redesign we completed as part of a rebranding project for Start.

good branding example of a logo redesign
Start Logo Redesign

Thirdly, it should be creative, bold and have impact. It shouldn’t just look like any other logo. Every last detail is crucial for creating a successful logo. For example did you know that the use of colour alone in a logo increases brand recognition by 80%!

And finally, and most importantly the brand should mean something to your business. Ask yourself if it reflects your uniqueness and the vision you want to portray.

Below is an example of a logo redesign we completed as part of a rebranding project for Flix Facilities.

Good branding and logo redesign
Flix Facilities Logo Redesign

how should this work with your business?

Through strong and consistent use your branding should permeate across all aspects of your business to create a feeling of belonging. It is also important to establish synergy for the branding. By doing so, a cohesive and professional image can be created. 

how to protect and future proof your brand?

Protecting and future-proofing your brand is the next key step after considering the importance of good branding and developing a new logo.

However simply having a new logo isn’t enough. Consistent use is the key to its success, and as a result, brand recognition is built. From headed paper to presentations, marketing collateral and website. Everything should be identifiable and represent how you want your business to be seen. The development of brand guidelines is the key to this. Brand guidelines are a crucial tool to help you ensure the consistent use of your brand throughout all marketing. Without guidelines, your brand image is likely to become inconsistent and disjointed over time.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in creating your new brand and so now you need to protect it. Brand guidelines are a vital tool to achieve this. They keep your marketing materials looking consistent and professional at all times. They future proof the brand by supplying comprehensive instructions for all employees, stakeholders and for any external marketing.

key aims for your guidelines

Set out the rules: These are not to limit creativity, but are guides to ensure everything sets the right standards.

Assure consistency: If your brand is consistent it will become recognisable to your audience. Guidelines will ensure all marketing looks cohesive.

Prevent confusion: Often how to use branding can be ambiguous. However, brand guidelines will help to eliminate queries. This will provide clarity and speed up approval processes.

Inspire creativity: Sometimes, especially for those unfamiliar with how to use a brand correctly or even how to create a design, putting together a document or piece of marketing can be intimidating. Guidelines help to set a starting point and ensure the design will be of a high quality.

Allows for growth: Carefully implemented branding will also ensure that as the business grows, it retains a professional and unified image.

This leaves your staff able to focus on what they do best.

what is the best way to launch new branding?

Changing branding business wide can be a daunting financial prospect, but it needn’t be. We always suggest a soft launch. This will maximise the initial impact of a launch without spiralling costs.

For example, the new branding could be used on all digital applications immediately such as email signatures and web. As well as documentation and other new marketing collateral. But other more costly changes (such as individual signage for example) could be carried out as and when they normally would in due course.

good branding example
Street Food Chef Logo & Branding Design

conclusion on the importance of good branding

Don’t let your branding or marketing let you down in a competitive sector. Get your branding right and it will help you grow your business by attracting new consumers. In addition, it will also help to attract potential investors, and stakeholders. These are all demonstrations of the importance of good branding for your business.

how can we help?

We want to help you unlock the potential of your business and explore the importance of good branding.

We have over 15 years experience in the marketing sector, so whether you require a completely new identity for your business, or you would like to enhance an existing one, our team can produce a creative and distinctive brand. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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