Crucials limited edition Diamond Jubilee The Nation

Crucials Spice Up Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is a splendid opportunity for us Brits to wheel out the barbie. Raise up the flag, and proudly celebrate all things red, white and blue.  So for Birmingham’s ‘The Crucial Sauce Company‘ it presented a golden opportunity to roll up their sleeves and make a special contribution to the party.

The team at Crucials are proud to declare that they’ve been making Britain squirt since 2001. So, for these condiment connoisseurs, we at Hive felt it was only natural for them to lend their time, expertise and taste-buds to the cause.  Cue, “The Nation’s Sauce 2012” – a smoky mayonnaise and ketchup fusion laced with a hint of spice. The sauce was inspired by the Nation’s favourite flavours from around the world.

The limited edition sauce will be available from a number of selected outlets throughout the Jubilee period, so for those lucky enough to get their hands on some, be sure to squirt it on your street-party burgers, splash it over your chippy tea, and slather it on your cucumber sandwiches…  It’s a little taste of what makes Britain, Great.

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