Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology: Your secret marketing tool

In the dynamic realm of graphic design, marketing, and web development. It’s absolutely fascinating how something as seemingly simple as colour can be so impactful within marketing design. Considering the intricacies of colour psychology is paramount for marketing design. Why, you may ask? Because the right shades have the potential to evoke emotions, shape perceptions and drive purchasing decisions. At Hive Manchester, we’re passionate about the role of colour in marketing. In this blog we’re excited to unveil the secrets behind colour psychology that can help your business stand out. Let’s explore how colour can be your secret marketing tool.

The Emotions and Buying Behaviours Associated with Specific Colours

Colours possess the remarkable ability to elicit a wide range of emotions and influence consumer behaviours. To make any marketing campaign truly effective, understanding these emotional nuances is essential. Here’s a glimpse into what research on colour psychology reveals:

Red: The colour of urgency and excitement, red has the power to create a sense of urgency and stimulate impulsive buying. It’s the ideal choice for limited-time deals that you want your customers to seize without hesitation.

Blue: Associated with trust, reliability and calm, blue is perfect for brands looking to instil confidence in their customers.

Green: The colour of health, tranquility and wealth, green is an excellent choice for eco-friendly products or brands promoting wellness. It resonates with consumers looking for sustainable and health-related deals.

Black: A symbol of luxury, sophistication and exclusivity, black is the perfect colour to highlight premium offerings and exclusive deals, creating an aura of opulence around your brand.

The Best Shades for Different Industries

One size does not fit all. That holds true in the world of colour psychology for different industries. The shades that work best for one sector may not have the same impact on another. Here’s a sneak peek regarding the ideal colours for specific industries:

Fashion: In this industry, elegance and style are paramount. It’s no surprise that black, red and gold are often the colours of choice, reflecting sophistication, passion and luxury.

Tech and Electronics: Trust, innovation and precision are key in this sector. Blue and white are frequently used, conveying reliability and cutting-edge technology.

Health and Wellness: Green and blue can evoke feelings of health, vitality and serenity, making them ideal for businesses in the health and wellness industry.

Home and Decor: Earthy tones and warm colours are popular in this field, creating a sense of comfort, cosiness and style for potential buyers.


Understanding the psychology of colour is an invaluable tool for your marketing arsenal. It’s not just about choosing colours that look good. It’s about making strategic decisions that align with the emotions and behaviours you want to trigger in your target audience. Hive Manchester’s commitment to graphic design, marketing and web development ensures that you have all the resources you need for success.

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