Celebrating 18 Years

Celebrating 18 Years of Creativity at Hive Manchester

This year marks a significant milestone for Hive Manchester as we celebrate our 18th birthday! From our HQ in Manchester, we’ve spent nearly two decades turning bold ideas into memorable experiences. As we reflect on our journey, we want to share a bit about who we are, what we do, and how our approach has led us to where we are today.

At Hive Manchester, we don’t hide behind buzzwords or flashy terminology. While some agencies may talk about ‘brand irrigation’ or ‘idea gardening,’ we prefer to call it what it is: thinking. Simple, straightforward thinking. Whether it’s at our desks, over a coffee, on the train, or even in the bath, our minds are always buzzing with ideas. This relentless thinking leads to a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Furthermore it translates into work that not only captures attention, but sticks in people’s minds like burrs on a jumper.

We believe our unique approach has enabled us to thrive as an agency. Therefore providing amazing service to our clients.

Celebrating 18 Years – Our Clients

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing clients who have become an integral part of our journey. Thank you to all of our clients from day one, to now! Here’s what a few of them have to say from our work over 18 years.

Solina/Essential Cuisine

“HIVE marketing agency are fantastic to work with. They are proactive, easy to get along with, and provide excellent cost-effective results. They produced outstanding work in developing the brand proposition for Essential Cuisine’s new seasonings range ‘Street Food Chef’ for me and the team and pulled together a compelling and successful marketing campaign launch.”
Head Of Marketing, Solina UK / Essential Cuisine

Start in Salford

“We have commissioned the team at Hive for numerous projects as I know I can trust them to always deliver a fantastic creative whilst always keeping budgets on track. From designing and installing our 20th Anniversary exhibition complete with films and interactives, to our new website to packaging our beautiful hand-finished chopping boards that our volunteers make, Hive really have been a huge asset to the charity and are always there to help with suggestions and advice.”
Start in Salford

Pop-Up Products

“We have engaged with Hive on a number of different projects over the years including high-profile exhibitions within our industry. Ed and his team have always demonstrated a clear understanding of our business and positioning. Using that insight and their experience they know what is required for us and them. Coupled with their strong work ethic and drive and determination to deliver, we have experienced only good things.”

As we are celebrating 18 years, we are grateful for the clients who have trusted us with their visions and the dedicated team that brings those visions to life. We’re excited to continue our creative journey.

Here’s to many more years of creativity and success! Happy 18th Birthday, Hive Manchester!